Lives That Smiled

There have been so many people who hear our story and immediately feel a connection to it. We have total strangers become friends that tell us about their Mother who passed, or their Father, Grandparents, or worse, their children. It is a club that none of us want to belong to but it’s in the connecting that we heal. We thought what better way to help keep this beautiful connection going than an online “Lives that Smiled” memorial.

We want this to be a place where you can share a photograph of your loved one, share a happy memory or story that is meaningful to you. We hope this is a place you will refer to in times of need. We hope you will read other stories that help you feel like you’re not alone. Most importantly, we want it to be a place of love. Thank you for sharing your loved ones with us and people from around the globe! Spread the word and Let life smile! :)