September 15, 2016 1 min read

Some of my happiest memories with my Dad happened when the two of us were able to sneak away for dinner by ourselves! Every time we did, the evening always went the same way. It was a 3 hour dinner, much to the wait staffs chagrin, (and we never left without coffee and dessert of course!), filled with laughs, a great joke or a funny story from my Dad’s days as a sales rep. We would cover every topic from finances, to politics, what was going on with my job, we would chat about my brother, or my Mom. As the years went on, we would talk about marriage, and kids, it was always a night that after 3 hours, we both could have easily sat and chatted for 3 more. I can hear him now, he would give me a hug and say, “you’re doing ok Hilly, I don’t worry about you.” More importantly, he would tell me how proud of me he was, and that he loved me. Little did I know how truly important those Father/daughter dinners would be.

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